Wide Wheels For Riding On Gravel Trails


May 7, 2015
There's a huge gravel trail that goes along the coast of where I live. The reason I don't use it is because it's too rocky to enjoy. Would using wider offroad wheels help much with this? Any other suggestions?
Yes, that is the concept - of course it depends on how wide of wheels your forks can accommodate. I assume you have a road bike?
I have a heavy road bike with off road tires, as where I live all roads are a challenge. On my way to work I have to navigate around potholes and cracks in the road, partially asphalted roads, gravel, grass, tree roots, and so on. It always gets extra interesting when I return home with a basket full of shopping. I feel really good with the bigger tires, as they feel steadier and obviously more solid. They increase my feeling of balance and safety on the road.
@Dora M, can you please post a photo of your bike? I live in a large city and I feel like I have to put up with the same road surfaces you do. The City of Greenbelt, where I live, doesn't seem to be budgeting much money for road resurfacing, and some of the streets I ride on really need it.


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