widening rear chainstays or dropouts

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Andy Wilson

Ive bought a pair of 2.3in wide tioga tyres in a jan sale to replace my 2.1's the back tyre rubs
ever so slightly on the rear chainstay when ridden fast over bumpy ground (especially downhill). If
the chainstays were wider by 1 or 2 millimetres it would pass no problem. Is it possible to fit a
1mm spacer on either side of the wheel axle so that when retightening the qr skewer it keeps the
stays out just that bit more so that the tyre clears. Or will this cause unesesarry stress to the
frame. Or should i just flog them on and buy a new pair of 2.1's. (its a hardtail 1990 stumpjumper)
Thanks in advance for any help.

Not open for further replies.