Wilier Izoard Death Fork Recall


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Sep 12, 2005
I received this email today from Competitive Cyclist, the online retailer that sold me my 2011 and 2012 Wilier Izoard XP bikes. Seems the Godless Red Chinese manufactured some trash forks for over a year...from October 1, 2011 to October 19, 2012!

Must be that inferior fiberglass **** alienator is always ranting about. I've asked about the failure mode, but no response yet. Hincapie steerer? Flimsy blades? Crown-steerer not properly bonded? Dropouts not properly bonded? I'll let you know what, if anything, I learn.

What's weird is the serial numbers on my pair of forks are NOT subject to recall despite one definitely falling inside the date range and the other has a high probability of falling into the recall date range.

Dear Customer,

It has come to our attention that a portion of the forks shipped on 2012 Izoard XP frames and bikes may be defective. Wilier has issued a voluntary recall on forks shipped on 2012 Izoard XP frames and bikes. We urge you to immediately discontinue the use of your 2012 Izoard XP immediately, and check to see if your fork is affected by the recall. The serial number needed to verify is located on the fork’s steerer tube. Please see the attached video demonstrating how to check your fork serial number. [COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXfVGRu2tXo[/COLOR]

Serial numbers that are defective are below:
[COLOR= black]LH0001 - LH4000[/COLOR]
[COLOR= black]LJ0001 - LJ2000[/COLOR]

Additionally, you can enter your fork’s serial number on the Wilier site to check, as well.
[COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)]http://www.wilier-usa.com/en/important-advisory-for-all-izoard-xp-owners/[/COLOR]

If your fork is affected by the recall, please contact us at 888-276-7130 or email [COLOR= rgb(0, 0, 255)][email protected][/COLOR] to arrange a replacement. We will issue a new fork to you at no charge, along with a return tag for the defective fork. We urge each customer to have the new fork installed by a trusted local bike shop. Upon the return of the defective fork we will issue you a $30 credit to cover the labor associated with the installation.


Andrew Renner
Competitve Cyclist
Customer Solutions Sales Manager

Fork inspection procedure video from Competitive Cyclist:

Hey...that looks just like my 2012's paint job! The Izoard XP is a great little cheapie racing bike. The fork is actually almost as stiff as I would want. Climbs, descends and corners with no drama.

Wilier website page where you can enter your fork's serial number to see if it has been recalled...or not.


Good for Wilier and Competitive Cyclist for taking care of their customers!
Cervelo had a similar recall for a fork defect. We lost a local cyclist this summer. I have only read of the possibility of his bike falling into the recall and that it was never inspected.

Yeah...the True Temper Wolf fork on the Cervelo, IIRC.

My condolences on the death of your cyclist. May he RIP.

I took a magnifying glass and LED light to the 2011's fork. Neither fork had any visible surface defects, but it's the unseen stuff that generally explodes out of nowhere and gets ya!

I wonder just how many Wilier death forks made it into the hands of riders...

Thankfully, Wilier seem to be doing their part to get the word out and I commend Competitive Cyclist for contacting their customers. Meeting a potential disaster head on is the best way to handle a situation like this. Wrongful death/product liability suits can exceed insurance limits in a flash!

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