Will this bike fit me, and is it a good price?


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Aug 12, 2013
Hi guys, I'm 5'11" with a 32" inseam and I'm wondering if a 55cm Marin Verona will be too small for me. It was previously fit for a 5'9" female rider, who found the frame to be a bit too large. Also, the bike is being sold for $500. Is that a good price? Here are some more details on the bike:
  • 55cm Marin Verona (Red)
  • Appx 6 years old
  • Aluminum frame with carbon fiber components
  • Upgraded components:
  • Campy Record Titanium rear derailleur and brakes
  • Campy Record Ultra 10 ergo shifters
  • Low spoke wheel set
  • Time ATAC pedals

I'd give it a test ride and see if it goes well. You should fit in there but honestly go test it if you're not sure.
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If all that high-end Campagnolo works, then it's a pretty fair price.

You might find the 55 a bit too small, or you might find it you can make it work. Check it out, anyway.
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Thanks for your input. I dig some digging around and it looks like the original model is from 2002, not 2007. Since many of the components have been upgraded, does that still seem like a fair price?
5 years is quite some time for parts to get old and get overtaken by newer technology, so I don't know if it's still that fair of a price.
The bike should fit you though you may need to swap to a longer stem in the 120mm to 130mm range.

And yes $600 is a very good price for a bike of this vintage equipped with a Campy Ergo 10 speed drive train.

Thanks for all of your input. I'm going to test ride it this evening. In addition to fit, here is a list of things I'll be checking for. Do you guys have any suggestions on anything else I should inspect?

- check for wear on chain/rear cassette
- check wheels for true
- check hubs for wobble
- check brakepads for wear
- check cables and housing for rust
- check pedal cranks for wobble
- check shifting action through all gears
- check headseat to spin smoothly
- check frame for cracks or dents

Does anything else (perhaps based on the images in the original listing) deserve a closer look?
Check for frame cracks and dents for certain and run your fingers along both the top tube and down tube up near the head tube to feel for warps or crinkles in the paint as those are signs of a hard impact and bent steel or alloy frame.

I'd also check that the wheels are reasonably true and round.

But really all of the other stuff you listed are consumables, you may need to replace a chain or a tire or brake pads and may need to tune the drivetrain or replace cables or even bearings but all of those things will eventually happen over time. Sure it's a better deal if everything is pristine and ready to go but at $600 you're getting a great deal and it shouldn't be a big deal if you need new tires and tubes or some new brake pads.

BTW, that saddle needs some serious adjusting and at your size that steep high rise stem probably needs to be swapped to something longer and flatter.

Gentleman, just wanted to close the loop here. I have purchased the bike! Everything, as far as I can tell, seems to be in excellent condition. The gears shift crisply, the brakes work well, and the wheels are true. The frame has some paint chipped in certain areas, but other than that, no issues. I'll take it to a shop for a proper fitting, but those suggesting a longer, flatter stem are spot-on. Looking forward to conquering some terrain in this bike's namesake town (Marin County)! Thanks again to all for your help.