Winter hibernation is over !

It's interesting to see. I remember watching cartoons and hearing about them sleeping during this season. Or like that episode of Yogi Bear.
Winter is over and I honestly could not be happier. Much like all the plants and trees, I personally do not thrive in the wintertime. I love winter during the holiday season--between November and early January--but anything after that and I already start wondering how long it's going to take for spring to arrive.

Winter can get super depressing when it lasts too long. Grey skies, lifeless trees, and ridiculously high electrical bills. Here in Serbia, Winter has already been gone for the past few weeks, and I couldn't be happier to see it go!
We don't have winter in our country so I really want to experience it and bike under such conditions. I know I might not like living under those conditions but I want to experience it anyway.