Winter hibernation !

It looks like I only need another 101 miles to break my attempt to make at least 4,000 miles this year. When I do that I'll go into hibernation at least until next year. This year we had a long time of heavy rain which destroyed the normal hill roads I ride on. With them closed I had to find different roads to ride which meant a LOT more traffic. Then after the rain stopped I had a pretty hard crash. Nothing was broken but I was out of action for three weeks. And then my brother was in the process of going blink and I had to take him to the best glaucoma surgeon in the area every other day for a couple of months. At least he can see out of one eye now. So my 6,000 mile target was destroyed and I had really hoped to make more than 7,000.

In the San Francisco bay area even if you don't ride in the rain you can usually get close to 10,000 miles a year which I broke for 3 years in a row before a concussion stopped that.