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    Someone on another thread mentioned that they can't wait for summer and
    that brought the following to my mind. It's midsummer where I am and
    I'm still no good, but at least I have enough daylight to find dry level
    parking lots on which to practice. But winter in the great northeast
    comes early and hits hard. In addition to the abundant snowfall, the
    sun doesn't rise until I'm on the way to work and goes down before I get
    home. I thought I could uni during lunch break once the winter comes,
    but I tried that today on a whim, and it took me an hour from start to
    finish (what with applying all my padding, walking out to the parking
    lot, unpadding myself afterwards, walking back to work...) I only get a
    half-hour for lunch; I can't do that all winter long. My basement is
    way too small to uni in. Am I doomed to 5 - 6 months of unicycling only
    on weekends? Do school administrators allow people to uni in their
    gymnasiums after hours? Should I sneak into the mall and risk arrest??

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