Winter Training Bike Frame Size

Steve Junior

New Member
Nov 3, 2002
I am in the market for a new winter training bike and have seen the Surosa Audax complete bike. <br />I have been luky enough to have myslef measured up on the Bikefitting system. It gav me my ideal frame size, it said 58.8 cm over centre and 57.1 cm top tube. <br />The surosa frame comes in 58 and 60, which would be best for me, i am 16 and so possibly growing but the top tube on the 58 is 57cm, on the 60 it is 59, which is best for me? <br />I just want another few points of view before i purchase it! <br />Thanx <br />Steve <br />p.s. what are your views on the bike, it can be view at