Winter training


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Jul 12, 2002
question about winter/post season training.Looking for some suggestions that others who race do for their post season training.Last winter most of the work id been doing was endurance and in the gym with little speed work until feb/march.

I felt that I never had the snap and accleration in sprints and took me until apr/may for that to come back.I was planning to get in really good winter for next years races,but still dont want to burnout too early.Was thinking about keeping in intervals/sprints/hills but only occasionaly,with endurance filling the most time.Any suggestions would be great.cheers.
Come Down to SA and spend the summer racing here :>). Sorry, wise-cracks probably not appreciated that much. I've heard that winter is a good time for strength and technique training while keeping up the fitness with other sports (squash for me). This allows you to build up strength, lose weight (cut down the carbs, up proteins) because you can concentrate on your muscles and not endurance. Means you don't suffer the problems of strength training buggering up your cycling. Of course if this is simpler than you're looking for some of the more experienced guys here should be good help (My experience in cycling is limited so far, but in winter training for other sports i.e. swimming etc, the above is a good idea).
If you were happy with your performance in the season, but just found that form came a little late start your training earlier. Its common to take a couple of weeks off the bike then start a build up in the miles. Gradualy get more specific. Check out some of the other threads.