Wiped out yesterday! (LONG)

Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by sojourn, Jul 30, 2007.

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    Dec 3, 2006
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    Hi All,
    First time posting but wanted to share about a crash I had yesterday morning.
    I ride every Sunday in the San Elijo hills area in San Marcos CA.
    I was trying to worm my way around a gate, did not clip out of my right foot peddle, and was pushing with my left foot to maneuver around. I ALWAYS clip out completely, push the bike around the gate, get on, and go. Not this time……
    Somehow (everything happened so fast) I start falling to the right. The embankment is about 10-15 feet at a grade of 45 degrees (all rock). I just start flipping with such force I spun over at least twice.

    Now I know that I'm injured but I don't seem to be so injured that I can't just dust off and get going again. WRONG! I look down after a moment and see that my Lycra shorts are hung up on my front brake handle and pull my leg off the handle. I then look around, somewhat dazed, and look at the area of my inner thigh, right leg, and its getting pretty wet. Now I start to realize that I punched a hole in my thigh and as I look to see the wound, blood spurts out BIG time.

    I thought that I had lacerated the artery.

    I stick my finger in the wound, try to call 911 on my cell (no luck, I guess I was more panicked than I realized) and luckily redialed the last number I called to get some help. Now mind you, I'm in the middle of nowhere really and I thought "Not like this God, not today". I thought I was going to die.

    It's a strange feeling, thinking you're going to die.

    As luck (grace) would have it, a lady was walking her dog and rushed to my aid. The kid I talked to got the 911 call into the rescue folks and I could hear the siren in the distance. Everything got fuzzy and I was finding it difficult to see and breathe. I called my wife to let her know what happened and how much I loved her, how my life had meaning every sense our first meeting.........I thought I would never see her again.
    Well thanks to the lovely Debbie (who was walking her dog) and young Gabe (the kid I had dialed earlier that morning at LA Fitness), I get to share my story with you wonderful folks.
    What was so amazing to me, and still is, is the FORCE it took to drive my brake handle 2 and a half inches into my thigh! Just as amazing, how did I miss the artery and just clip a vein (grace some more)?
    I'm 54 years old, ride around 90 miles a week, and love to cycle. I know I'll jump back on the bike (the ER Doc said two weeks, I think probably...one ;-)... but I'll be more cautious and try not to throw a scare like that at anyone again.......I'm glad to be alive today, for a moment I thought I was all out of tomorrows......

    Now that was one hell of a ride!
    Thanks for letting me rant...........

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    Jul 22, 2007
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    Quite a story, Bruce. Thank you for sharing it. Life is fragile, isn't it?
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    Wow, I'm glad you're still around to tell the story! How lucky of you to have two people happen upon the scene so quickly after your crash. That's one of the reasons I always try to mountain bike with a friend, so I'm not alone in the event of a crash. Hope you heal quickly.
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    you are lucky...

    Thanks for reminding us all that MTB'ing is a serious activity, and care must be taken...I've had some serious injuries as well, both on the trails and on the commute

    Heal fast