Wisconsin species of American Ginseng to use


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Aug 28, 2010
That the United States, many people think of American Ginseng bring U.S. products, and many people think of American ginseng, Wisconsin, known as Marathon County, Wisconsin American Ginseng planting base said that the most critical growing American Ginseng is the need to use tourists are puzzled: Shortage of land how do Ginseng Tin planted Ginseng and other land must be at least four to five years in order to continue growing ginseng. Ginseng for large-scale planting base,China hotels, the need to look to the side while growing ginseng. Wisconsin, 12 kinds of soil for only two or three species of Ginseng, American Ginseng distributed so the base is very wide participation in the farthest distance over 10 km 2. American Ginseng in the growth process may experience a lot of As the kind of shell is very hard seed the first year to cultivate the ground,Flight attendants are so Tempered by training air base to visit Azerbaijan, covered with warm sand and straw. The snail then often got into trouble pile of rice straw. Ginseng grew well to rely on the hard training so people think the trick: Sprinkle in cultivating land outside the beer, smell the smell snail ran out. To nurture the seeds over long on for four years in the ground can be extracted. addition to the various pests and diseases, wild turkeys are natural enemies of American Ginseng. 10 years ago, Marathon County, introduced in the local wild turkey, and sell hunting licenses. But these wild turkey tasted the taste of Ginseng is


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Mar 17, 2006
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