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Discussion in 'Recumbent bicycles' started by Tom Blum, Apr 14, 2003.

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  1. Tom Blum

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    It was a great deal of fun to meet lots of bent people in one spot. Schwackman , Wo, Bill Francis
    and Chere were among those I spoke to.

    Just wanted to add to Chere's (cher "E" phonetically) comments about the Bacchetta's.

    The Bacchetta crew have great engines. They left first and stopped at a rest area in Floral City.
    This is where Wo came smoking by at 20+. She has a fairing and wind sock on her Bike.

    This was a challenge not to be ignored.

    I left immediately. I was pedalling along at around 20 when they came by fast. If you've ever been
    to a criterium, you've heard the sound bikes make when moving fast, under full power. They had that
    sound. 25 or faster and accellerating.

    A bit later Regis himself and Schwackman came by at 25 or so. Regis was getting that wild look
    in his eyes.

    There was another mere mortal, on a bacchetta, in front of me. I could stay with him, but couldn't
    reel him in. I would try to speed up just a touch and go into oxygen debt. I must have been right at
    VO Max. We were well matched for power, since the hills slowed him the same amount as it slowed me.
    Our riding positions were similar, with the pedaling area completely infront of the body/seat.

    Anyway, that leads me to believe that my performance on a bacchetta would be similar to what it is
    on my Speed Machine Clone.

    Schwackman believes that a tailbox is the answer. I have the material and will build one as soon as
    I find some free time. I will never catch up with the "Bachetta boys" though.

    Miles of Smiles,

    Tom Blum Winter Haven, Florida Homebuilts: SWB Tour Easy Clone Speed Machine Clone


Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.