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    Hey everybody,

    Don't forget that we are having a weekend of fun April 9th and 10th here
    in Memphis.

    This weekend in April is when the Memphis Unicycle Club celebrates the
    establishment of the club and we participate in the Wolfman Duathlon at
    the nation's largest urban park, Shelby Farms.

    On Saturday the 9th we will be riding the Wolfman course and perhaps
    having lunch together. That evening we will gather at my home for a
    potluck dinner and the MUC birthday party. All unicyclists, their
    friends and families are welcome.

    Sunday morning is the Wolfman Duathlon (registration opens at 7:00,
    racing begins at 9:00) where we unicyclists will have our own class.
    For more information and a registration form visit the MUC web site

    If you would like to come to Memphis, enjoy warm spring weather, enjoy
    some Southern hospitality, and celebrate with us the creation of our
    club and uni-camaraderie come on down (up or over)!


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    unicycle results from the Wolfman Duathlon race

    unicyclist:______________ place:__________ time:
    Tommy Thompson*________ 86 __________1:17:20
    Tom Maxwell_____________123__________1:45:56
    Craig Andreas*___________124__________1:46:47
    Greg Cravens_____________126__________1:50:32
    Charles Newkirk___________128__________2:04:57

    *father/son race team of Tommy and Hunter Thompson
    *father/son race team of Craig and Steve Andreas

    There were 128 finishers. One unicyclist did not finish due to equipment
    failure. Note that Team Thompson beat about 40 bicyclists.

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