Woman's road bike for 3000 gbp ?


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Jun 23, 2013
Hi everyone, I am fairly new to cycling and so I decided I need some advice on my first proper road bike. I have a bike for commuting (specialized tricross) and so this bike will be used for club rides, longer weekend rides and the occasional sportive for now and maybe some racing in the more distant future. I intend to spend around 3000 gbp and most likely will end up with a carbon frame. I was considering titanium but in the end I opted against it because at this price point the choice is limited. I am thinking about the Bianchi Sempre Pro with Athena group and upgrade the wheels to Eurus. Can anyone comment on this bike? Any other suggestions? After reading reviews etc. this bike seems to be quite good value for money and I believe that Bianchi should be able to make a decent carbon frame. thanks a lot! Aga