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Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by TritonRider, Sep 10, 2004.

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    >... that is if
    > my
    > > > damn neck holds up - stupid spine, getting all out of joint and

    > causing
    > > > me pain. I wish it would behave itself because it really is hard to
    > > > ride a bike when you can't hold your head up.

    > >

    I just went through this. Be carefull with the meds. I really
    developed stomach problems for the first time even using one of the
    new COX2 inhibitors. Of course, that was combined with massive amounts
    of Ibuprophen and Naproxin. I was off the bike for almost a month.
    Sleeping was impossible. Don't get me wrong, the meds helped, and I
    wouldn't have gotten better or been able to sleep or work without
    them. I was starting to see myself on a recumbent too! Leaning over
    made my biceps hurt and fingers go numb. I went through two Physical
    therapists before finding one who could help. Don't do anything that
    causes pain or sensations ( numbness/tingling ) that doesn't go away
    as soon as you stop.
    Cosider your posture and head position at all times. Work on
    maintaining a nuetral head position in line with your spine. Good
    luck. This can take a while to resolve.

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    >From: "Suz" [email protected]

    >Thanks to all who came out early to cheer for us, it really helped us to
    >push through the pain!

    Another nice ride. Glad it went better than you thought and hopefully next
    year is even better.
    Bill C
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    >From: "Suz" [email protected]

    >Aww dang, I wish you would have, since I don't know what you look like.
    >Maybe next year.

    I'm looking for a pic to send to Ken. Should get something shortly.