women's riding groups in columbus ohio area?

Go to your local bike shop and discuss this with them. They will be your best resource for information concerning the different riding groups in your area. A lot of shops sponsor clubs, and most clubs have various groups within their structure. Often times they have gender specific groups, and if they don't, then you can start one within the group. Once you have become aquainted with the other members of the cycling club, it should be fairly easy to put together weekly Ladies Only rides.The hard part is finding the people who enjoy riding as much as you do. After that, the rest is fairly easy.
Did you find any women riding groups? I live by Polaris Area looking for some riding. joined Motor Maids still waiting to see if I can find an event for me to ride with.
I havent found anything, what is motor maids? I am moving to an area near dublin in aug but currently live in upper arlington. Are you looking for a riding buddy?