Wood's wind ...

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  1. "Be that your bow
    Or your wand for your electric eclectic


    Or moreover, perhaps your dead
    On foregone baton


    A heron in a hurry waves around,
    O Maestro

    Of The Neuron Gap, of The Impossible Mission,
    Who ignites photons, snaps unopposed photos,
    Who unflinchingly adores cranberry scones,
    Who sallies forth,

    Back and forth around a doggone
    Reflecting pool avec a Festively ~ Colored Toucan
    And a very fine swan,

    Who sports elegant transparent chiffon,

    In The Museum, or Fogg Reading Room,

    We peer
    And adore artfully executed crayon
    Paintings from gay Purée ~ ?"
    ~ Trefethen

    "... or blow
    Upon an oboe."
    ~ Dr. AE

    "... or string the Unstrung
    Harp of Edward
    Avec Oberon ~ ?"
    ~ Margaux

    "Or sing an enchanting romantic song
    Of sixpence

    Until a chaconne of Telemann or Albinoni
    Sings sumptuously
    Of itself ..."
    ~ La Crema

    "My ballet
    Slippers, O where, O where, O
    Over there ~ !"
    ~ Elf,
    A Chinese ~ Crested Precarious Canine

    "First Chair, whereupon your score
    Awaits, so alas,
    Practice, practice, practice

    Fancy free footwork,
    Your fretwork, savor your

    Rapport, restore, roar, savior, saviour, score, seashore, senor, shore,
    signor, snore,
    & soar

    Far from the floor ~ !

    Therefore, create
    A threescore riotous unraveling strident uproar

    Wherefore your

    Or your Centaur boldly sallies forth

    Both cocksure & foresworn
    To adore you

    & your silly edible quotes
    & hopes

    ~ Don Von

  2. "Tradition ~ !"
    ~ Twittering

    "Moazelh tof ~ !"
    ~ Folly

    "A sparrow
    On your roof ~ !"
    ~ Twittering

    ~ * ~

    "Let's Roll
    & Howl ~ !"
    ~ Kibbles

    "But thou at home without or tyde or gale,
    Canst in thy map securely saile ..."
    ~ Robert Herrick

    "If sassy bitch woofs a wooly tail,
    On Too wheels, catastrophic canine,
    Rolls up roaring, grins a toothy winning smile,

    Let's roll ~ !

    If by surly gale, securely, sail blown home,
    Whether on thy map, or napping in thy lap,
    By heart's best weather, dog love surely known.

    Never, ever alone, if by love, byrds
    Of a feather howl together, or herd

    Of hounds, catastrophic canines, on Too wheels
    High rolling, gallivanting, peel

    Wheelies, alarm frightful frantic felines ~ !"
    ~ Liebe

    ~ * ~

    "L' Elisir Broadcast ~ Music from vaults,
    My afterthoughts, I proffer my review. The Belcore,
    Who sing not on pitch, nor knew the score,

    But once, but twice, during the broadcast
    Hollered out a rather rowdy shout ~

    'Let's Roll
    & Howl ~ !'

    And the Giannetta, who sounds chimes
    80 years old and unfortunately
    Lou C. Fur's howl, O, we overheard above

    The chorus. I simply cannot bear the sound
    Of Juntwait's voice ~ Rather like coffin nails
    On a blackboard, even if White Chalk

    Countered my view. But not once, but twice,
    During the broadcast, Margaret
    Hollered out a rather rowdy shout ~

    'Let's Roll
    & Howl,

    O Let's Rock & Roll,

    Let's twist
    & Shout ~ !'

    And her frequent smugness
    Is simply ghastly, if rather lusty."
    ~ Richard

    "Know, O
    How so ~ ?"
    ~ Black Chalk