Work Colleagues' Comments ?

Aussie Steve

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Nov 8, 2005
In Harry Potter's world, mortals are known as "Muggles".
I think that word could also apply to non-cyclists.
Working with Non-Cyclists is a chore, and I hate having to justify my daily commute to these ignorant, narrow-minded people.
32kms (about 18 miles in the ancient system of measurement).
- I find I have to repeat myself several times a week..."No, it's NOT too far..."
- They constantly ask me why I "don't drive a car to work like NORMAL people" FFS !!!
On a nice warm day, they say "nice day for a ride" - but that's said purely so they are able to hit me on a wet or cold day with the reverse " oh you should be driving, are you CRAZY?"
I get fed up with this.
Sorry for the whinging but I have to vent...


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Jul 25, 2009
I'm sure people have a lot of different reasons for the comments that they make to you and I get some of the same comments about my cycling. Mainly about the distances I ride, but I write those off as ignorance. For people who don't ride 50 miles does seem like a really long distance, they don't understand how quickly a person who rides regularly can cover those miles.

I've heard people call me a "fitness nut" and what they don't understand is that by many cyclists' standards ( my own included ), I'm just considered an average, or a little below average, casual bike rider.

Part of their comments to you might be generated by guilt; I know when I'm driving somewhere and I haven't been riding very much I tend to feel guilty when I see a rider. I feel like I'm neglecting my health.....which no one's fault but my own.


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Feb 5, 2010
Perhaps they are just trying to have a conversation or are giving you a complement. Lots of folks at my work are perplexed by my commute, they may say things like I am crazy but mostly out of respect or envy.

By listening and chatting up the enjoyment I get out of riding, I have actually encouraged more than one co-worker to get out and ride once and a while.


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Jun 10, 2004
They just might be expressing curiosity, or as someone else suggested, they might just be trying to engage in a bit of conversation. I certainly wouldn't worry about it. In fact I'd rather welcome it since it just might make your coworkers more aware of cyclists out on the road, and that's a pretty good thing. They're certainly no less than us cyclists in stature, value, or virtually any other societal measure.

The last thing you want to do is alienate them, **** 'em off, or do something to make them think that cyclists are jerks or elitists. That's never beneficial for cyclists in an a car centered world.

Mark George

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Nov 21, 2011
When I used to commute to work(I have e since moved) my co-workers would laugh at me for commuting my 10 mile round trip everyday, and yet they drive their car less than a mile or two to work! Our parking lot would only be half full everyday if people rode bikes or walked to work. And to add insult to injury, almost no one car pools! At any given time there are 400 cars in the parking lot and 2 or 3 bicycles that we have to put in unprotected bike racks in the same parking lot outside the gate. Really progressive company, ay?


Feb 22, 2010
For a refreshing change my workmates are really supportive of me. It started with me riding in then another 2 have taken the plunge and they ride too.
Since then 2 or 3 more people regulary ride their bikes in leisure time.
I have been truly blessed with my work colleagues.
Arh well.

Feeling the love.



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Jan 1, 2005
In my last job I rode the half mile from the employee lot to the building since the saw the courtesy to put a bike rack there :) and the shuttle busses were really poorly driven. Then at lunch I could ride for fun at the rail trail next to it and back. People would say I was "crazy" for doing it even though the rail trail in the summer was along a picturesque river that was good to put feet in and relax. Beat that by eating in the lunchroom? NAH.

Now the job is part time and 7 mi away each way with hills but its back roads that are mostly slow to drive. The car doesn't get warmed up until 2/3 way there, so its gastly wasting to do so. Biking takes half an hour, it's fun and I arrive at work not all that sweaty in the winter. People call me crazy but they smile. It changes people's perspective when you roll in and its 20 deg outside, yet not frozen. As a cashier who works next to a door, that is actually a leg up on the others. "Cold" next to the door is comfortable and preferable. In a job full of younguns with a few older/contemporaries the perspective of someone with two good new-ish cars choosing to experience fitness and fiscal/environmental responsibility. One of the ladies older than me has even been inspired to try riding also....

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