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So who's gonna win the world cup? I'd probably have to favour Argentina at this stage. France are also a big chance but I think the lack of competitive matches over the last two years might just tell on them a bit. I'm not prepared to write off either Italy or Portugal just yet.
Swing low, sweet chariot. England for me...altho I'd like to see Deutschland in the final four.
I'll have to agree with C_L and Steve, either France or Argentina gets my vote:

"France are rated top favorites for the title alongside Argentina" - Iafrica Sports
Quite the giant killing world cup this - hope it stays that way - seriously exciting stuff!
I'm gonna stick my neck out here and say that France won't get through the first round. They need to beat Denmark by two clear goals, and nobody knows exactly how fit Zidane is right now. I think they might just struggle.
Yep, France are history, didn't even score a goal! Could Argentina be next? Somehow I'm not quite so sure. Incidentally, did anybody else see the Senegal/Uruguay match? How did Richard Morales manage to miss that header right at the death? Surely it would have been easier to score!
...and SA join the French and Argentines at the airport. Oh well... ::)
Vo2 Don't me greedy - You national sides can't be good at Rugby and Football.

In work they held a world cup sweep and I drew out Mexico, whilst they haven't yet made it to the next round. The way the big boys are dropping out there's hope still.

Any chance you could shout for Wales on Saturday ;)
Hey Laz, welcome back! Mexico isn't such a bad draw. I would hold on to that ticket if I were you. ;)

Regarding Wales...hmmm...all I can say is: good luck! ;D
Mexico are doing OK. At least they're still there! At the rate the big names are dropping, they may yet end up playing Senegal in the final! :eek:

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