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Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by Nks, Feb 20, 2004.

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    Hi all,

    I am fed up of being put off long distance semi off-road & off-road because I have no friends who
    will come out of the UK.

    So I came up with the idea of a world MTB/Off-Road club where we can set up trips ranging from a
    canal trip in Belgium to a Great(continental) Divide trip in the USA. OK, the USA trip is a bit
    extreme (unless your quit the job) but there are so many 1 week trips pure off-road to choose from -
    flights are cheaper, camping is free and legal in many countries!

    My idea is that rides - along with routes, pics, maps will be posted months in advance and members
    sign up for the ride. Just like any mtb club really, with the rides being a little longer.

    The question is, are any MTB riders wanting to tour, there are a lot of trails waiting for us - sure
    we have to map some of them ourselves but that it 1/2 the fun!??

    Any [positive] comments regarding my 'idea' are appreciated!

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    please reply to [email protected] if u want to email me.

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