Worlds: Elite Men's TT excuse wrap-up

Discussion in 'Australia and New Zealand' started by gplama, Sep 21, 2006.

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    Quick, take a seat.. prepare yourself for a NON TROLL, CYCLING related post...

    From cyclingnews...

    Stijn Devolder (Belgium, 13th) "It wasn't great, not bad. I know I can do better than this but my condition just went down. At the Vuelta, I was at the top but now it's slowly degrading. I still feel those three mountain stages in Spain, where I tried to hold on to my GC placing. I haven't recovered from that yet."

    David George (South Africa, 17th) "I think I'm happy with my race today: I just finished the Vuelta so I wasn't really sure of how I was going to come out of that."

    Ben Day (Australia, 21st) "It didn't go too bad; I just felt that I couldn't really suffer anymore in the finish. It's just the wrong season and I'm not really fit." the trend?

    I was impressed with this comment - Dave Zabriskie (USA, 2nd), "There was no way I could have gone any faster than I did."

    There are torrents floating around of the coverage, so we don't have to wait for SBS to show a highlights package in six months.

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    how about: "testing for EPO is obviously pretty hot at the moment, so I had to reduce my load" :)