Worrying pains


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May 13, 2016
Well some of you may know this if you've seen me around, but I'm relatively new to all this. But my doctors advised me to work on my cardio due to some heart problems.

I'm fairly young but I started cycling as I thought it's more interesting than walking or running.

Since I started ~3 weeks ago it's been great, my asthma isn't effecting me as much and my stamina is better.

But recently the front of my right leg has been aching most days, it's a dull ache and when I ride it becomes more of a sharp, sudden bolt of pain down the front of my quad.

I initially thought it might be due to the fact I don't stretch as well as I should, but even after a few days rest it hasn't gone.

Anybody experience this or have any idea on what's going on?


Renee Zagger

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Jan 8, 2022
No, I didn't come across. However, I can tell that with asthma, salt helps well. It's like salt rooms.