Worst preparation for a race...



Few weeks ago I had a rather important race on the weekend, but the week leading up to the race I did not go on one ride (due to unforseen circumstances....or maybe laziness ;)). To make matters worse, the Friday night before race day I went out with some buddies and had a huge pizza, and washed it down with five draughts (500 ml each ;D)). With my tummy full and liver topped up with toxins I went to sleep for three hours.
Amazingly the next morning I got up feeling as fresh as a daisy....and performed like a maniac in the race. To be exact, it was my best race ever :D
That got me thinking....maybe beer and pizza could be helpful training supplements ;)
Pizza - full of carbs! Problem is the fat that comes with it.
Maybe you have found your optimal eating-before-the-race time - 3hrs! ;D
I've found a few glasses of red the night b4 a ride doesn't do any harm......maybe we're onto something?
I've friends that have had the same experience as you. I've heard that the alcohol makes the "pain feel less painful", so you can push your body more than you normally do, and it makes you feel very relaxed aswell, not having much preassure on you at all to perfom very well. Don't try it too often though, you could get caught in a dope control.... :-X