Worth it? (Litespeed)



I'm thinking of picking up a Litespeed Lookout Mtn (disc frame) with full XTR.. basically as per www.litespeed.com the image they show with the sexy Shimano wheelset and all.

My question is, yes, It's a LOT of cash, is it worth it?? I've never ridden or owned a litespeed nor has any of my friends, i had a Marin Ti but it's just too big for me.. what do you guys/girls think of it??

For the record, I'm a trials rider but want an XC/commute bike. So yeah, this bike will see some technical stuff it probably isn't expecting, but I like to think i'm smooth enough it should be ok!

first off, bike fit is paramount. no matter how much you like a bike if it doesn't fit you will be miserable.

if you've got the cash - get what you want. if you don't you will always be thinking: 'i should've gotten the litespeed'. you will have buyer's remorse only once. however, every time you throw your leg over that saddle and look down at your baby you will smile and be glad you dropped the coin for it.

if you like the ride of Ti stick with it. i'm a carbon man myself and can't imagine riding anything else. bouncing around on the rear tire sounds like fun and the Ti should stand up to years of punishment.

go for it.
Thanks for the reminder. I live by the same belief, but sometimes you gotta be reminded!

I got a quote on the bike today, it's about what I expected, now I've just got to save up. I definitely don't need to spend this much, but if it's the difference between getting what I really want and not, I might as well!
$4280 CAD (about $2700 USD) was the quote I got from the local dealer.. quite pricey yes, but for what you get, I think it's reasonable?

That's one tasty looking machine - I reckon titanium is the best stuff to use for a mountain bike. It's much 'tougher' than aluminium, steel and carbon and should soak up the bumps for years to come.

Buying bikes is not about if you're good enough to do it justice - it's about buying functional art! If you've got the cash and the will BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT!
Oh man it's gotten more complicated.. the past few days the question for me has been.. Merlin or Litespeed? Talk about a tough call!!

I'm leaning towards the Merlin Mountain right now, because it has disc tabs and canti mounts both, whereas as far as I can see, the Litespeed is one or the other, which worries me since I've had friends break their disc tabs (doing some trials style riding..)
Man, that Litespeed is awesome. I'll go for the Litespeed, for one simple reason, they were one of the first cycling companies that used Titanium for bicycle frames and have been building them since 1980.

“Their experience is also the reason many legendary cycling figures go to Litespeed when they are thinking titanium. Names like Merckx, DeRosa, Tommasini, Biachi, Basso and Lemond, to name a few, have gone to them for their bikes.”

I quoted this from http://www.treknology3.com/categories/litespeeddetails.htm

In my opinion I’ll go Litespeed, they know how.
i dont know much about MTB but personally i'd go for litespeed theyve been around longer I think like goat said!