Would Love Feedback On A New Outdoors App

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    Hi all, my friends and I just released a new Outdoors App to connect outdoors people together through chat and trips. It's available on the iPhone and the web. The app is called Green Elk to "Meet Outdoors People" and one of the sports is Cycling.

    Basically the idea is that we want to encourage non-competitive enjoyment of the outdoors. ie. get more people outside doing things like cycling. So you can Meet people, real-time chat with them (like Whatsapp), put up your trips, share photos and chat either publicly about a trip or with just the people on the trip.

    With the web version you can upload GPX files and we do custom analysis.

    We all use Strava as well and so you can import your trips/tracks directly from Strava as well.

    We're just getting started and we'd love to get feedback from you all:

    iPhone App: https://itunes.apple.com/fi/app/green-elk/id912917817?mt=8
    Web: http://green-elk.com

    Thank you *very* much in advance

    PS. The App is free, our aim is to produce tools for trip planners to collect money, organize trips, provide insurance etc. as a way to monetize. The three of us are in Canada, Finland and Germany and we fundamentally do not believe advertising is a good way to make money and certainly don't want our information shared with advertisers.

    PPS. Accidentally posted this mistakenly in the Road Cycling forum. Apologies for the spam, if one of the moderators could remove the duplicate postthat would be great :)
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