Wound-Up carbon seatpost

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Don't believe pain and performance go hand in hand! The Wound-Up X-Post is light, durable, and

Wound-up uses a section of their X-Wound Carbon tubing for the post and attach an intricately
sculpted 6061-T6 seat post head with a full
3/4" of set-back. Rider driven from the day of development, the X-wound tubing inherently absorbs
road shock, making it the perfect seatpost material.

Add to this the fact that the 1" diameter tubing is up to 5X stronger than standard aluminum posts,
and you start to ask "why not?"

A Tamer aluminum shim sizer makes for easy swap out of your old 27.2 mm seatpost.

235 mm length, 180 grams. Tamer shim adds 15 grams.


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