Wow, Forum looks nice!

Thanks, its just running the default theme for the xenforo software. The migration took a lot longer than expected, so i've decided to open it back up now. I'll give it our look and feel in the next day or so.
Yeah, it's really sweet looking! I came yesterday and saw that it was closed and I kinda thought it wouldn't reopen at all haha. So glad it's back though and in a brand new suit :D
The nicest thing about it is that I came back and didn't see JSWIN all over the front page! :D
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Good job! Much more readable and cleaner layout.

I see that you are a "Well Known Member". :D

I am a "Well Known Member" too! :D

Xenforo. THE best forum software about in my opinion, sweet job. Well worth making the switch, and while there will always be teething problems when switching, stick with it is my advice, you and the members won't be disappointed.
Congrats on the new forum layout, it's looking great, looks faster and more functional, great job! Some usertitles cycling related are a good idea too, BMX rider reminds me of my childhood for example. :)
I miss seeing the nice logo of the forum and that yellow or orange background with some nice texture. It feels very cycling to me.
Looks heaps better, especially on my phone. Faster too, so that's a bonus.
The old place looks very nice, a breath of fresh air with this new layout.

The titles are also pretty cute :)