Wow! One adjustment! (Dr. Seutter)

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  1. Wow! One adjustment!

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    April 14, 2004 5:43 PM Subject: dc- 0-3 visits

    Virgil Seutter says that chiropractic either works or it
    doesn't and it only takes 1-3 visits. Anything more is
    just running up the bill. Really? Yea, I get the first
    part, but on the second part I ask, what the hell are you
    talking about????

    My question is: Virgil, what's up with visits number 2
    and 3? Aren't you just running up the bill? Why not 0-1
    visit then?

    #### Virgil does say:

    "...the adjustment should work with the first application.
    Indeed, on many, that one adjustment may be all that is

    Even fricking antibiotics don't work this way, but we're
    held to a higher standard. Whatever. This is insurance-
    whore speak.

    This is the funniest head-up-the-arse thing I've ever heard.
    That's what the insurance-whore, Wal-Mart-style 'guidelines'
    people are pushing for? I didn't realize they were so
    'competant!' I must be getting treated at the wrong clinic.

    I'd like to hear him tell that to a PT or a psychologist or
    a PM&R specialist. Hey, you get the patient better in 0-3
    visits or we're stringing you up.

    I _had_ a lot of respect for Mr. Seutter until that comment.
    You're all welcome to send him an's at the bottom
    of his website.

    #### I'll copy Virgil. I think his doctorate in chiropractic
    #### is as
    legitimate as yours or mine. Call him "Mr." Seutter if you
    must - but if titular etiquette is to be used I am sure he
    would prefer Dr. Seutter.

    #### I personally think Virgil is rather timid...

    See Hospitals to allow birth canals to open maximally
    #### Virgil and the boys are still calling the
    #### Dziuba-Cronshaw
    cum Dubin-Zaleski chirolist "unmoderated"...

    #### I was censored from that list once - and then when
    #### Dubin took over as
    censor - I subscribed and was censored again. There is
    nothing "unmoderated" about that version of chirolist.

    #### At the very least, Virgil and the boys
    #### should stop calling
    chirolist "unmoderated."
    #### They might also consider (finally) working to PREVENT
    #### more vertebral
    subluxations than DCs will ever be able to adjust by hand
    (not to mention saving tiny lives and tiny limbs)...

    MDs are violently pushing on tiny spines (with oxytocin,
    Cytotec and PGE2) and gruesomely pulling (with hands,
    forceps, vacuums) - with birth canals senselessly closed
    up to 30%.

    Some babies die - some are paralyzed - but most "only" have
    their necks gruesomely wrenched.

    It's a massive MD spinal manipulation crime.

    ALL spinal manipulation is gruesome with the birth canal
    senselessly closed up to 30%.

    See Difference between God and an MD?

    See also: Criminal medical CAM at Hawai'i's John A Burns
    School of Medicine

    And see: Helping baby open birth canal (Why obstetrics is
    criminal medical CAM)...

    I am in favor of pardons in advance for MDs. MDs are just
    academic prime cuts forced through this culture's most
    powerful mental meatgrinder - medical school.

    Thanks for reading.



    Dr. Gastaldo [email protected]

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