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    (i said good trial uni but not extremely good)

    thanks everyone for your advice but i'm don't have that much money and
    i'm not going to do hardcore stuff. i have a normal bike shop unicycle
    and i like doing little trials stuff (like hopping around on 3x3's).
    trials is the kind of uniing i want to concentrate on coz it's really
    SO do you think the $249.00 uni from GP unicycles is good enough for

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    now it would be ok... but when you start to get more confident... youll
    need to upgrade...

    they are a good unicycle... but if you are heavy... probably best not to
    do anyhting bigger than 2' drops...

    oh and for future reference... dont make new threads to follow up old
    threads... it just clogs up the forum and people already complain enough
    about posting and forum etiquette...

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