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Well, more Belux...

Work constraints meant that I only managed to leave at 3:30 on Friday, and the weekend traffic meant
that I only reached La Roche at 5:30. It was going to be touch and go as to whether I was going to
fit a ride in before sun down. I went for a route that I know well, and that had plenty of points
where I could bail back in to town should I need to. However, I wanted to do as much as possible so
I set off at race pace. I haven't ridden that hard in years, but it paid off. I did the planned
route, taking in some of Belgian's finest singletrack and got back to the car an hour later, just as
dusk was settling in. The recent meltwaters meant that myself and the bike were covered head to toe,
with merely a broad grin visible. After that, I headed to a gorgeous little brasserie for an
omelette and a nice strong beer. Occasionally, you get those feelings of supreme happiness, and I
was having one. If you get the chance, a weekend of riding and sampling the local specialties of the
Ardennes is well worth doing.

After picking up a nice collection of beers from a local shop, I continued my journey down to

Saturday was a blow out. I had intended to get up early and go for a spin, but the previous night's
exertions, combined with Thursday night's run, meant that my legs were feeling particularly

Sunday, I woke up late with a ******* of a hangover. Going down the pub to watch the 6 Nations with
my old team-mates, and staying until closing time had come back to haunt me. Still, I took the bike
out and went out for a couple of hours in the forests to the north of the city. Nothing technical,
nothing fast, just long hills in the sunshine. And a lot of sweating :)

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