WR: got a new front derailleur

Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by Technician, Jun 25, 2003.

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  1. Technician

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    Well, after doing up a field stone patio from scratch for my grandmother, i managed $90 from that,
    so i got a new derailleur (Shimano Deore Mega 9, bottom swing, dual-pull. it was what they had for
    bottom pull), and the rest i divvied up between my two cash funds.$35 in the bike parts fund, and
    $30 in the general/gas fund (at least i got my priorities straight there ;-) spokes are still on
    back order (so they say), so i didn't get them.

    So, after getting the derailleur installed, i re-installed the loaner spokes (took 'em out on the
    off chance the LBS had some). at this time, i realized the axle would barely turn in the hub. not a
    good thing (for how long i wonder...) so i decide i might as well re-pack the hub. this time i make
    sure to get the jam nuts locked good and tight. after reinstalling the wheel, i managed to get it
    nice and true (not perfect without a stand of course), and did the same to the front wheel (just a
    small tweak).

    After this was all said and done, i still had a pan with a good sized dab of grease laying around.
    what to do, what to do. so i pulled off the wheels and hubs on my car and re-packed them. there,
    that used up the dab of grease. then i couldn't stop there, i was on a roll. so i lubed all the
    ball-ends. then i bought some power steering fluid (as the pump seemed to be, like, empty), and at
    this time, i notice one of the strut caps looks a little off compared to the other. i jacked the
    front end back up, and sure enough, the strut bushing is dead (to the point the strut has 1.25" side
    to side, up and down play). no wonder it seems to steer itself. figuring this was going to be fairly
    expensive, i left it alone (seems tight when the car sits on it).

    So anyway, just goes to show, despite the heat (therm said 95 F in shade), i was able to get quite a
    bit done. and when i was done, i came in, poured a nice tall glass of ice water, turned on the AC,
    sat down on the computer and turned it on.... damn, blew a circuit breaker (it is an old AC, draws a
    bit above normal). so after turning off everything not needed, i tried again, and managed to get it
    to stay on.

    But i do feel like a good day of things accomplished, and tomorrow, i hope to test out this new
    strange looking contraption Shimano calls a dual-pull derailleur (everything works in the shop, but
    a ride will disclose the truth).


  2. Rich

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    Technician wrote:

    <BIG SNIP>

    Whats kind of report is a WR?
  3. Technician

    Technician Guest

  4. Rich

    Rich Guest

    Technician wrote:

    > Rich <[email protected]> spoke thusly...
    >>Technician wrote:
    >><BIG SNIP>
    >>Whats kind of report is a WR?
    > Wrench Report

    Thank you sir. I've got one of those from my fork install last night, maybe I'll write it up...
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