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Tell 'im, Ken.
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Good post Tony, I am adding my 2 cents.

"Tony Szurly" <[email protected]> ...
> A+ US Postal
> Another seemingly easy win for Armstrong. The new guys, Rubiera and
> Heras turned in key performances. Losing Livingston and now Hamilton
> will do little to derail the Postal machine. 4 stage wins and the most
> money won. Armstrong will win until he decides not to.

I give them an "A". An A+ would require someone else to do
a little better. Heras proved he's one of the best climbers in
the peloton but Hamilton was way off and their TTT slip hurt them.
But... they have the best bike racer in the world so the team will
be invincible in any race Lance decides to win.

> A+ Bonjour
> The Tour of their dreams. Spent most of the time reminding people they
> were NOT a wild card selection. Simon's days in yellow were numbered but
> a great boost for the French. Two guys in the top 11 in GC- Roux and
> Simon.
> Nazon was the nearly man of the sprint stages, always around, never
> winning. His poor riding in Strasbourg cost Steels a relegation. Former
> top ten JC Robin was a no-show.

I was hoping for a Nazon win but he's not fast enough to catch
the big boys. It was Nazon's fault Steels was relegated. That was
the most idiotic jury decision of the Tour. Steels did no wrong.

> A+ CSC-Tiscali
> Leblanc played the Jalabert card and it paid off big time. His KOM win
> was the surprise of the Tour. The
> exposure the team gained at the Tour resulted in $4 million for Riis to
> spend next year. Most Aggressive Rider and 2 stage wins by Jaja
> guarantees he'll never have to pay for a beer in Copenhagen. Piil flew
> the Danish flag on a few stages.

I give them an A- because besides Jaja, who?? Piil? Nope.

> A Telekom
> No shame in showing up fit to race and losing to the better man. Ullrich
> was better than everyone except Armstrong. Despite all his pre-Tour
> pouting, Zabel proved that the Maillot Vert is his property. Telekom
> were there to support him when he needed them, and he stepped up at the
> end. Vinokourov is a very talented rider. 3 stage wins, the Points
> jersey and 2nd in the GC.

Telekom was awesome. Nearly as good as US Postal. Awesome team.
Vino's so impressive. Ullrich is a champion. Zabel's simply superb.
If Ullrich has just One More Gear he'd actually give Lance a run for his

> A Credit Agricole
> Div 2 team that outshone most of the big teams. O'Grady's days in yellow
> and green guaranteed lots of sponsor-pleasing TV time. Their TTT win was
> a highlight of the Tour. Jens Voigt wore yellow, won a stage and worked
> so hard he probably will be somewhere else next year (USPS?). Julich
> sputtered into anonymity. Vaughters had bad luck but his predicted win
> at the Chamrousse TT was way off (21st on the stage at 4'31").

I give C.A. an A+. Voight and O'Grady had great Tours.
C.A. put it all together. However Julich was only 18th at 48 minutes.

> B+ Euskadi-Euskatel
> Another wild card team, Laiseka's win at Luz-Ardiden was fun to watch. I
> thought that they would be more of a factor in the mountain stages.
> Charreau was their best GC man (12th). David Extebarria was around but
> could not finish anything off.

Charreau -- who? Laiseka won ONLY because Lance stayed with Jan
at Luz (Stage 14). A Lance attack would've wiped out that 60 second
win. either way Uskadi team was impressive in their orange and they
got their money's worth this Tour.

> B+ Kelme
> Once again, this talented squad of climbers put in a good team
> performance. Won the team prize second year in a row despite losing
> Escartin and Heras. Baby-faced newcomer Oscar Sevilla (7th GC) is the
> revelation of this year's Tour. A mountain stage win from Cardenas
> and Sevilla's Best Young Rider win. Botero was a bit of a
> disappointment after his stint as KOM last year. Kelme is the best bang
> for the buck in the business.

As usual Kelme wins the team prize. Botero was 8th overall
while Sevilla was 7th. So, Botero was there.

> B+ Rabobank
> The first ever Maillot Jaune for the team with Wauters' win in Anvers
> and a stage win by Dekker, but Boogerd
> (10th GC) failed to impress, never showing himself on any stage.

Boogerd got in that big breakaway on stage 15 to gain 15 minutes and
leap up the GC standings. Wauters' win was nice on a tough stage.
However you have to go back to 72nd place for Rabo's 2nd best rider,
over two hours back! Rabobank gets a C+ from me.

> B+ Lotto
> A wildcard pick, Lotto was selected based on their early season results.
> Their two stage wins by Vergrugghe and Baguet justified their selection.
> I thought Aerts would be better (27th GC).

Lotto -- hmm... Aerts was an hour back on GC. Ex-postie Vermaut
was their 2nd best rider. Verbrugghe and Baguet impressed and
Lotto deserves their B+ grade.

> Put their man on the podium again and had three guys in the top ten GC,
> but I just felt that they never tried to attack or take control of the
> race. Beloki was invisible. 2nd team GC.

ONCE gets a B because of Beloki's 3rd place. However they
also landed 5th (Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano) and 9th (Serrano).
(and Carlos Sastre in 20th, wow!) Maybe ONCE deserves a B+.

> B Francaise des Jeux
> Always present in the breaks, FDJ knows how to fly the sponsor's colors
> for the TV. Despite bombing out in the
> prologue, Brad McGee had a great exploit with Voigt into Sarran. Sven
> Montgomery, first over the top of the
> Tourmalet, is a talented all-rounder. Hope he heals up after his crash.

McGee was fun.
Montomgery impressed (get well!). They get just a C from me though
because their best guy Schnider was in 68th place, 2 hours back! Of
course had Montgomery not been broken he would've wound up
in the top 20 easy.

> C Festina
> Moreau's win in the prologue put him in yellow for the first two days.
> That was Festina's high point of the Tour. His abandonment crushed his
> team's spirit. May have cost the team their sponsorship.

Luiz Perez was their best at 42nd place, 71 minutes back.
Adios to Festina. Are they a Div. I team?

> D iBanesto.com
> Mancebo followed up last year's Best Young Rider performance with 13th
> place in the GC. No stage wins. A
> few guys in breaks (Acosta, Piepoli) but no real presence in the race.

Banesto was pretty much invisible. Brozyna did get a lot of mic time
though in the broadcasts by being in breaks. He wound up 21st place
(which means he beat several teams' top GC guys).

> F Mapei
> Granted, a bad fall kept Nardello from being a factor and he put in a
> heroic effort to stay in the race. Bettini was the only guy on the team
> that seemed interested in racing. Steel's bad health is still a problem,
> he should never have been selected for the team. Garzelli gave brief
> glimpses of form in the mountains. Look for some moves by the Mad Doctor
> in the off-season.

Garzelli was a disappointing 14th place at 29 minutes. If Lance ever
showed up at the Giro he'd show them was a REAL stage racer
is all about. Nobody would even come close.
I give Mapei a D though, not an F. Bartoli proves he's not
a stage racer.

Domo? Nearly as awful as Bigmat!!! However, Domo's Axel Merckz
did finish 22nd place.

Cofidis gets a B for Kivilev's 4th place.
Millar totally bombed (he's a one-hit wonder).

Lampre gets a B just because of Svorada's impressive
win in Paris. Otherwise they need to never come
back to the Tour unless they find a stage racer.

Fassa Bortolo has bad luck (but then... Casagrande and
luck do not fo hand-in-hand). They get a B- from me.

> The Rest
> Jean Delatour- Roux's days in the polka dots were all they had
> Lampre- Svorada saved the Tour from being a total disaster for them.
> Big Mat- Why?
> Cofidis- Millar bombs out, Hard to Kill Kivilev in the cat bird seat
> (4th GC)
> Ag2R- Kirsipuu wins one stage, otherwise completely forgettable
> Fassa Bortolo- Casagrande was a pretender, Ivanov wins one stage and
> Petacchi was fast but not fast enough
> Domo- Johan should have stayed home with the kids

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> Tell 'im, Ken.
Date: 1998/06/04

19. etape (239km) - FINISH:
1. Marco Pantani 7.42.52
2. Tonkov +0.57
3. Guerini +3.15

Zuelle had problems and shall arrive more than 10 min after Pantani.

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