WTB:650cc wheelset

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  1. Joe

    Joe Guest

    Any 650cc wheelsets out there? Tubular or clincher.

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    Thanks, Joe

  2. Joe-<< Any 650cc wheelsets out there? Tubular or clincher.

    Velocity Deep V, you pick the hubset, shimano or Campagnolo.
    Bladed or 14/15 spokes-

    Made to order-

    Peter Chisholm Vecchio's Bicicletteria 1833 Pearl St.
    Boulder, CO, 80302
    (303)440-3535 http://www.vecchios.com "Ruote convenzionali
    costruite eccezionalmente bene"
  3. Dave Palmer

    Dave Palmer Guest

    I have a set of white 650c tubular tri-spokes. They're
    carbon fiber with aluminum rims. Good condition, no tires or
    skewers. Both are very round, but I think the rear has a
    small amount of lateral ( side to side ) movement, a little
    out of true. Not enough to even rub the pads, just a few
    thousandths. $250 shipped. Pictures available. Dave