WTB brake calipers


Andres Muro

Hi, I am building what I called a TT bike out of old parts, but others (at rec.bicyles.tech)have
denominated it a POS (piece of ****). Anyways, I need some cheap road calipers. I want to spend no
more than around $10.00. If anyone has some that you want to get rid off, I'm your dump-site. email
me at [email protected]



>Hi, I am building what I called a TT bike... need some cheap road calipers.

I believe I have a pair of Exage calipers (road, single-pivot, complete) in good working condition.
If you'd be interested, let me know. I can E-mail you a pic this weekend as soon as I dig 'em out of
my brake parts box (just got back from a trip).

Assuming I can find 'em and they'd meet your needs, you could have 'em for $12 postpaid in the US.

(Also have black-finish Diacompe road calipers that I had on my rain/beater bike until I upgraded to
old Shimano 600 calips. You could have them for the same price. They are slightly better calipers
than the Exage but do not have the tension-release assembly, though that never bothered me. With
23mm tires I could pop a wheel in or out easily enough.)

If you're interested in either or both, let me know. Thanks.

Mike Yankee

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