WTB: Campy Record Brake Pads

[email protected] wrote:
> i need brake pads for cammpy record calipers vintage 1996 or 1997..part
> number BR-04RE

BR-RE-105 for 1996/7...same as those used until 2000, we have them. $32
per set of 4.
[email protected] wrote:
> why is the part number different? and how do i contact you?

Not sure, I got the number from the parts catalog for 1996/7 Record
calipers. Yours are Record, correct?

005/105, the series

I see no 004 numbers for brake blocks anywhere in the parts books.

1833 Pearl ST
Boulder, CO
[email protected] wrote:
> it was my mistake...the part number i used is from the calipers...is it
> clear the blocks would work with those calipers?

Yes. The blocks are the ones used for dual pivots from 1995 until 1999.
In 2000 they changed.