wtb: Commuter or MTB for 7' tall rider

Discussion in 'rec.bicycles.marketplace' started by Moe, Jul 31, 2004.

  1. Moe

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    I'm interested in a gently used/one year old mountain bike for a big
    guy. Big.
    I'm thinking about a MTB or all terrain type or 61 cm Specialized
    Globe or 23 Inch Specialized Rockhopper A1 Comp FS, or the next
    humblest cousin down the price hill. Any recommendations from other
    tall riders for other bikes?

    My problem is nothing new, champagne taste on a beer budget, but this
    has an altruistic twist. It's for my best friend (and husband btw): a
    proud rider of cheap bikes which he hammers into the ground by
    commuting 15 miles to his save the planet job. It's a mixture of "I'm
    so big there's nothing out there that would fit me anyway"(he's nearly
    7'tall) with "I don't want a bike I have to worry about" with plain
    ignorance- he's never ridden anything exceptional. Never. And that
    makes me sad. Plus the last two have gotten stolen which disproves
    his theory of "no one would steal a crappy giant bike." In fact,
    someone will and has and will again. Time for a lock.

    It makes me motivated to find him a machine to fit his needs while not
    getting in trouble for spending too much. It's a delicate balance
    between "You'll love a great bike" and cya, so I thought I'd throw the
    offer out there and see what comes up.

    Cheers and happy trails,