WTB Pink handlebar tape


Morgan Fletcher

Where can I get plain pink handlebar tape? Prefer something with some give,
i.e. not Benotto / cello tape, and no printed logos either. Cinelli cork
would be ideal.

Greets -- Trophy Bikes in Phila has some Cinelli Cork in Pink-- definitely kind
of vintage, the packaging says, "Used by ANDY HAMPSTEN of the 7-11 TEAM" ...
we sell it for 15 bucks at our store in Philly....
figure 4-6 bucks for shipping and handling to conti US...
we take paypal, etc....

Michael McGettigan/trophy bikes phila www.trophybikes.com --
presenters of the ROUND*UP USA small wheel and folder bike fest "THREE DAYS TO
EXPLORE THE COMPACT BICYCLE UNIVERSE"... for riders and fans of Dahon, Moulton,
Birdy, Brompton, Breezer, Friday, Koga, Airframe, Airnimal, and beyond....