WTF or Double Cross DC


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Oct 30, 2007
Not much traffic in the commuting forum so thought I would try a repost here...thanks for looking.

I am thinking my next project will be to build up a new commuter. When I commute it is 25 miles one way, mostly smooth-ish paved roads. Want the bike to be more road bike than anything else, also leaning very strongly toward disc brakes, just because I don't have a bike with them and want something different. Fender and rack mounts a must. My initial research has narrowed my current top two as a Van Dessel WTF or a Soma Double Cross DC. Wondering if by chance there is anyone out there with experiance on either or better yet both. What are your thoughts? Any other frames I should be considering?

Thinking SRAM for components as I recently test rode a Blue Norcross with Rival and really liked the double tap shifting. Been a die hard Campy fan for 20+ years and I don't see me ever building up a Shimano bike. No real dislike for Shimano, just not the path I have taken. For the same reason I want a disc brake bike I think I want to switch it up a bit and go with SRAM.

Below is a shot of my current commuter a nice old SLX Schwill Voyager complete with local Bike to Work Day trophy for my office. I am getting tired of wrestling with the rear 126 spacing when I get a flat. I guess I could just tweak the rear triangle to accomidate a modern 130 or 135 hub, but sort of just want a new commuter anyway. Current config of the Voyager is mostly Centaur parts with Zonda wheels and a Chorus mid-cage RD.

Van Dessel WTF

Soma DC