ww on a bc

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  1. has this been done? Is it possible? That's something I'd love to see, so
    if anyone can do it, please post a vid!


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  3. whats a ww and a bc


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    skianduniaddict wrote:
    > whats a ww and a bc

    'check here' (http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/search.php)
    I guess I'll just tell you though. WW stands for wheelwalk, and a BC
    wheel is a wheel with plates attached to the axle that spin, which you
    stand on while the wheel rolls underneath you.

    Anyhoo, I think a one footed BC wheel walk is possible, and obviously
    handwheelwalking...and what Trevor said, putting your hands on the
    plates. Someone in one of the Moab movies rode a BC Wheel in a hand


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    my offer from the same question i asked previously still stands:
    Anyone who 2 foot wheel walks a BC or ultimate wheel is in my opinion,
    a god.


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    manon1wheel wrote:
    > evan can do it... i saw it in one of his bc'ing videos
    > i try to find a link
    > edit:eek:k i found his 'video' (http://tinyurl.com/acxqt) its at the end
    > of his video

    Yeah, I can do that too, I wouldn't call it wheel walking though, I
    think evan calls it a foot skim. The wheel is leaned against his leg
    the whole time, wwing a bc would be almost impossible, not even the
    best freestylers are there yet. Oh and it isn't really a bc specific
    trick, it would be the same as wwing an ultimate wheel.


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    litldude2 wrote:
    > Oh and it isn't really a bc specific trick, it would be the same as
    > wwing an ultimate wheel.

    same as a ww seat drag too


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    > I yanked on my foot and straigtened it and stuck the bone back into
    > the skin.

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