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I use to be a Downhiller but I moved over to Motocross ;D

The problem is I am only able to ride once or twice a week and it's very hard for me to improve my fitness with so little riding time.

What type of training (cycling) should I do ? I own a (very heavy)
downhill bike so distance training is a bit of a problem.

Any advice ?
what are you training for by the way?
2 times a week is not much either how many hours is that?
i try to do a morning ride each day ,30k. and a 100k or longer ride on the weekend. this is on my road bike though. i do a bush ride loop (80k) when the temp is good :)
I'm riding MotoCross twice a week for a total of about 6 hours a week, it's taking me very long to get 'bike' fit.

I need a training program that will help me bring up my overall fitness to aid me on my motorcycle (Motocross).
i dont now much about how much fitness you need for moto x but id say Mtbing is the closest thing to it on the bike. and you will get pritty fit. id say do a few dirt rides in the mornig or so (when you get good at a higher pace). downhilling sounds good but you have to drive to the top of the hill?. by the way where are you from?aus?.
B.T.W. was watching some mountain biking over the weekend and I have one question, with such low easy gears on mountain bikes, why do even the leader carry their bikes up the hills. I know TV normaly makes the hills look not so steep, but they still look like you would be able to cycle up.
Nope, I'm from sunny South Africa, actually Vo2 sits right next to me! 8)

Nicholas - Thanx for the advice, I'll start with a few short distance rides in the mornings to build up my fitness, I'll see how it goes.

Ouzo - I know some of the rides I went on the climbs and drops are so steep that you struggle to walk up or down them the drops aren't a problem (used to e a downhiller) ;D
but sometimes it's quicker to walk up very steep an twisty climbs or you may loose momentum and its very hard to get going again on such steep uneven inclines.
Just like any training program you need to build up endurance first of all, then stamina and strength.

So you need to start with easy rides as long as time permits. Easier to do this on the road. After 4 or 6 weeks of that you should be able to have harder sessions offroad to build stamina. I'd maintain fitness by doing one easyish offroad ride and one hard offroad ride per week.
Sean -  I see what you are getting at, it makes sense and sounds like a good way to approach my X- Training. Thanx for your help

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