Xoss tracking gpr unit inexpensive vs garmin

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Aug 18, 2015
Many people asking about cycling computers over the years. I have a Garmin Edge 500 from back in 2012 for $250. Does the job, nothing fancy and I do not use cadence or HR monitors so it is pretty basic.

But I read about this XOSS model, does the same thing, and more. It does not have temp which I enjoy on my Gramin but no big deal. Strava logs the temp anyway.

But it works more like a Cateye computer. One must toggle between 3 pages to get full stats. First has current speed, ride time and distance. Second average speed, time of day, the other max speed, cadence and hr. Not sure if the last 2 pages are exact but you get the idea.

The great thing about it, a 25 hour charge life. My Garmin claimed 14 but I think more like 10.

Plus the XOSS has an auto light that goes on when it gets dark out. Pretty cool. No pushing buttons to view stats at night and I ride often at night. Some crazy people give bad reviews saying the light killed their battery. Really? Ok, try setting it up correctly as it comes with settings, auto on, always on, or always off. Probably the same people who said pairing it with the speed sensor was tough. Wow, ok, took me a whole 30 seconds to pair it ha ha ha!

But anyway, pretty basic, no mapping but logging is just as cool as the Garmin when it comes to Strava.

Load the app on your cell, turn it on, turn on the unit, load activity and auto connects to strava as well. Turn off the unit then takes a couple minutes to show on Strava.

Honestly, I am about logging onto strava as a mileage counting site. So it does everything I need.

I did add the speed sensor for $24 couple months after to be accurate. Slight difference from my Garmin of which I do not use a sensor. Great thing is the XOSS sensor can be used with the Garmin and BOTH AT THE SAME TIME!!!! Or it can be used as a cadence sensor depending on how you set it up. Easy set up.

The XOSS unit was $45 but came with the big rubber protective cover case thing. A plastic mount ( I replaced with an alum mount for $18 on ebay that included the under video holder, all alum)

Some have said they got this unit for less than $30. I don't mind paying a few extra just to cut out the long wait on delivery.

But I thought this was an excellent set up for a new guy or someone who is just basic info such as myself. Connect on strava, see the maps etc, pretty cool and cheap. Also does the hr monitor but that does not interest me.

So if you are looking for basic info and willing to settle for a Cateye computer, why not check out this gps unit for about the same price, same features?

I've had it for a couple months now and digging it. I used both XOSS and Garmin Edge 500 for the last couple of months and no difference at all. Other than the multi function set up of each page. But heck, most of my friends with Garmins can't even figure out how to do it ha ha ha! The XOSS is pretty basic, 3 screens to toggle.

XOSS on top, Garmin on stem. Not much difference in stats. Not using speed sensor in this pic with the Garmin. Though the sensor is compatible with Garmin as well and I can run both at the same time. Just looking to see if there is a difference.


The speed sensor, paid $24 delivered. Garmin is $35 to start. Use this as speed or cadence sensor.


Riding at night frequently, the XOSS turns on the light automatically. Been enjoying it so much that the last few times, I left my Garmin at home and went XOSS only.

Does not connect to Garmin Express logging site but I can add that manually if I like after using the XOSS.


BTW, got this aluminum Garmin Go Pro Light mount for$18 on ebay. TrustFire bikek mount. Nice alum beveled edges, jewel like, loving it too. Comes with alternate GPS unit mount (never heard of the other Birghton ???) But it does also come with the little removable adaptor to hold the GoRpo on the bottom side.

The screws are a little short so I barely got it on my bars 31.0. I replaced them with some longer screws from another unused mount and it is perfect. Liked it so much, I ended up buying 2 more.


Below next to my K Edge mount that holds the GoPro only but paid $60 8 years ago. $18 vs $60, no brainer!


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