Y2K Gary Fisher Mamba MTB - Need Derailleur Upgrade Advice


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Aug 14, 2012
Hi all,

About 6 weeks ago I broke out my 2000 GF Mamba MTB after having sit in the garage for 12 years. Since then I've put around 200 miles on the bike and the bike in general is fine except for the front (and maybe back) derailleur. Due to chronic shifting issues I want to replace them but I get a bit lost looking at all the modern gear online.

Here are some picks of my bike:

I've found a set but I am not sure if these are compatible with my bike or not:

Front "28.6-34.9-mm 3x7/8 Speed Low-Clamp" or "Down swing design - M311"?

If these aren't compatible could you please guide me to something that would be?

I'm not planning on investing a lot into this bike since I plan to upgrade to a Specialized or Trek road/racing bike soon. This is just a stop-gap so that my rides aren't further marred with shifting issues.

Your advice is very much appreciated!