Yarra Trail Closure



This week the dirt path on the Yarra Trail that bypasses the steps at the
Chandler Hwy has been closed. I assumed that they were fixing up the damage
due to recent rains (a bit of rutting) but tonight when I rode past at about
1700h there was a guy there putting the finishing touches on a fence that
closes off the bypass. This now means that I either have to cross the
Chandler Hwy (not much fun in afternoon peak hour), ride down the 100 or so
steps (OK on the dually but not too much fun on the rigid SS - also not an
option for going up the stairs), dismount and walk the steps - meh, or take
the detour that follows the river (nice bit of singletrack but has "no bike"
signs at either end.

I think that I will ride the singletrack at this stage but I am pretty
****** that they closed off the stair bypass. They only put it in a couple
of years ago!!!!

Not happy Jan,



Gags wrote:
> They only put it in a couple
> of years ago!!!!

Isn't that the bypass that mysteriously appeared which officialdom had
nothing to do with? I'm sure Dutchy can fill us in.

DaveB "only just getting warmed up 6 hrs after the school pickup, brrrrrrr"


New Member
Feb 8, 2004

not council. was Yarra Bend Trust or basically ParksVic who did it.
There was 'meant' to be a viable option first but that was bypassed.


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Jan 19, 2004
****! That sux.

That bypass has been there at least since the end of 2002 when I started commuting. They then graded it nicely a few year later before it all turned to **** again due to rain.

How annoying that they've closed it!

Admittedly, I've been crossing the Chandler of late as I've been riding my roadie.

On the topic of temparature - I froze yesterday morning as well. My fingers and toes were killing me by the time I got to work.

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