Year-End Training Thread

Discussion in 'General Fitness' started by Teresa Bippert-Plymate, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. SwStudio <[email protected]> wrote:

    > Greetings, rec.runners!
    > This marks the third time I have had the pleasure to post the
    > season-ending Training Year thread. As always, thanks to
    > everyone who takes part in both this and the weekly verson.

    > Please join in and submit any information you have compiled
    > regarding your year. You don't have to answer every question.

    A little late, but here it is:

    > 1. How many miles/kilometres did you run this year?

    1549.9 miles, yes, exactly. Yes, probably AR! ;-)

    > 2. What were your highest and lowest mileage weeks?

    0 four times - 1 week for a BAD cold after returning from Germany, 2
    weeks of only bicycling due to injury (PF), one week rest after a

    Highest week - 50.77 miles

    > 3. What was your longest run?

    26.2 miles!

    > 4. How many (if at all) races did you enter?

    Eleven + sprint tri

    > 5. What were your best and worst race performances?

    Worst- Steamboat Marathon. Dropped at 10 miles due to PF acting
    up badly. Completely lame even walking.

    Best - Tucson 5000 (5k). Didn't think I'd do well as PF was not
    good then. But ran close to PR pace and AG 1st despite the foot
    hurting. Big thing tho', was the foot was limiting my performance,
    not the breathing! If no PF, I might have pr'ed.

    > 6. Do you have a favorite, memorable run that you did this year?

    Tucson Marathon this year. Cold, with snow on the peaks, crisp. I
    felt very alive and meditative. Felt quite good until mi 23 when the
    hams cramped.

    > 7. What was the craziest weather you endured while running?

    Thunderstorms. Didn't mean to be dodging lightning on the way
    home, but they came in reallyy fast one afternoon. To say the
    least, I ran FAST homeward!

    > 8. What were your goals for 2004? Did you achieve them?

    Mostly. The PF hitting in May made the races slower, and fewer.
    But I ran the biggies and did my first sprint tri.

    > 9. What are your goals for 2005?

    Get faster while staying uninjured. I wanted to do that last year
    but foot said no. And I'd like to do more racing this year. My
    "pie-in-the-sky" ultimate goal is to try to get an age-grade of
    70% or better in all distances. I'm at 69% in the 5k, and 64% in
    the marathon. I think with some work I can get the 5 and 10K, but
    the marathon will be a lot harder.

    > 10. Do you have a favorite running-related quote to share?

    Nope. There are so many good ones I don't have any one.

    Teresa in AZ
    For background, I'm a 48-yr old woman, 5'8", 134 lbs.