Yet Another Cycling Prediction Game?


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Sep 13, 2004
YACPG, well that would have been a good title for our new prediction game too. I picked Prediction Game though.

Currently we're in the testing phase and I'd like to ask those who'd be interested in participating, to register and give the game a good test.

There's one notable difference with other games (at least as far as I know) : Here you don't select a team and then watch from the side as your choices either win or mess up, but you make daily predictions for specific pairs of riders, with you selecting who you think would finish first of that pair.

More here:

Thanks all,

Jonathan (Strani)
Hi all,

Well, in case anyone is still interested: The testing is going quite well so far. We're using the Tour de France, at least the last stages, as test material and we'll really start when the Cyclassics and the Deutschland-Tour begin.

For the Cyclassics we'll select 10 to 20 pairs and for the Deutschland-Tour it should be 3 to 5 pairs per day.

An interesting aspect is that we'll also maintain a list of participant 'top threes' for each race. In the end, it'll be like a 'ProTour' of its own and an eventual winner at the end of the year.

Of course this year will be shorter; next year it'll begin from the very first ProTour race.

The direct link to the game:

Have a look and if you like it, register