Yet another newbie, jamis satellite sport?


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May 12, 2013
Went to the better of my local bike shops and they carry almost exclusively jamis bikes. There are a few bh and various others out of my price point, but anyway. I don't believe the extreme high priced bikes are important, I don't fret over weight and it would be my first road bike. They found that they had a 2011 blue jamis satellite sport and if you join the club for 15 bucks, the price is $527. First off, is this bike with sora components, Alex rims, and I believe it has vittario tires, even worth the thought? I was previously set on a trek 1.1 but I figured a lower price at a more helpful bike shop would be beneficial to getting gear and a cycling computer to log miles. Second, is this not extremely over priced? I know they were asking $50 more for their 2012 and 2013 models, and they also had a regular satellite with a tiagra rear for that same extra $50 but not in my size. They claim they don't make much profit, but I'm suspicious because I've heard older models usually get giant discounts. Anyway, it was raining so I couldn't test ride, but I'd like to have a few opinions to go off before wasting too much time as of right now. The trek 1.1 is at a different bike shop that I wouldn't trust as much for tune ups and the like, and I believe it has the 2300 components. So far I've read that the rims and tires will need to be changed out at some point, pedals too. I can spend more, I just don't WANT to do so. I'm a minimalist type and I just want a bike for enjoyment and fitness with an occasional short commute now and then. If you have any different suggestions feel free.


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Jan 11, 2009
the jamis on the other link you posted is better imo