Yet another numb toes statement

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David Bogie

Seekers, Just got back from 280 miles and 11,000 vertical feet, a preview of this year's Cycle
Oregon route. Rode long and hard on the TE through thunderstorms and June heat but we had no cold
temps, not even in the mornings in the mountains. I had three Cannondale bike shorts along.
Excellent shorts, all I did was rip out the chamois for the recumbent. My toes went numb on me on
only one of the four days.

What was different? Just one thing: the shorts.

One pair is tailored differently and made of material that doesn't give much. They're not TIGHT but
they definitely grab my legs.

I stopped and changed shorts. No more numb toes.

While I'm not a doctor, nor do I pretend to know how to use my first aid kit, I can only assume this
one pair of great bike shorts is constricting the bloodflow or nerve traffic through all of the skin
covered by the material just enough to numb my toes.

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Steve McDonald

I've discovered that leaving my shoe laces fairly loose helps the circulation in my toes. If I'm
running or hiking on hard surfaces, I pull them tighter for stability, but this isn't necessary or
beneficial on a bike with toe straps.

Steve McDonald
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