Yet another stupid Tyler/Lance/Doping Thread

Lonnie Utah

Aug 21, 2004
But not on this site. I pulled this from another (non-cycling) website. Any desention over there gets one rather quickly banned (ask me how I know ;) ). I'm back, however, under an assumed name. If anybody is feeling a bit frisky today, shoot me a PM or an e-mail and I'll fill you in on the details. For some of you that like to aruge, just for the point of debate, it might be fun. Know going in, it will be a sucide mission. <evilGrin>

Seriously, I'm not really condoing causing havoc somewhere, but this guy has absolutely no tolerance for opinions other than his own (on this or any other subject.) That's fine, but he's wrong on this one. Because Lance is "innocent" then Tyler is too? Am I missing something?

This statement from the Hamilton web site sums it up very well.

So...the independent investigator has now confirmed what we knew all along: that WADA targets high profile athletes unfairly, that it does not follow its own rules for procedure and confidentiality, that it says one thing publicly and does quite another behind the scenes, that it uses its power to silence critics and coerce unfair attribution and leaking of test results while it maintains a false front of innocence and impartiality, and that it believes it can just stonewall when asked for information about its activities or to cooperate with investigations of testing protocol, procedures or results.

So what's new? Well, in this case with Lance it is not just an athlete caught in the witch hunt who is trying to regain his or her place in sport by pointing the finger at WADA.

This is an independent investigator with flawless credentials, calling for an overhaul of WADA and suggesting that a full investigation be undertaken by a competent legal authority to identify possible criminal misconduct by WADA.

I think **** Pound just got his knickers caught in the wringer!

Quote:Tyler Hamilton is caught in this web. So where is the jerk that was trying to ruin Tyler's reputation now? Oh, I forgot, I kicked him off the forum.