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Congratulations, my name is Melchisedek!!!

Most of the human beings are sick because of what they are eating. In North America and all over the
world, the food industries distribute in our markets, supermarkets and grocer's shops, foods
produced in chain with chemical and toxic products (pesticides). All this for the benefit of these
capitalists and to the detriment of the human beings whose health becomes more and more fragile.
Results: obesity, diabetes, hypoglycaemia, arthritis, cholesterol, cancer, stomach ulcer, painful
rules, sickness, sleeplessness, chronic fatigue, slumber in the steering wheel of the automobile and
at work, at school, etc....

We are presenting you a program of healthy and well-balanced cellular nutrition, on base of the
natural plants. This program of health is approved by 59 Ministries of Health of the world,
including your country. Our company exists for 23 years.

Then, to all those who are experimenting this kind of physical, psychological and physiological
confusions quoted higher, we strongly recommend them this program of healthy and effective cellular
nutrition which you can advise them!

Forge ahead with this program and the history will give you reason. So offer them the best present
of their life at this beginning of 2004 year, the HEALTH and continue to save human lives.

Best regards,


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