You unicycle — what else can you operate?

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  1. johnfoss

    johnfoss Guest

    This is for the pilots and others out there who can "drive" or operate
    other interesting vehicles or machines. My list is not very impressive,
    but I'll start this off:

    - Motorcycles (instructor for 3 years)
    - Took one fixed wing flying lesson
    - One glider ride (with unicyclist Fred from Germany) in Nevada, where
    he let me operate the controls some
    - Another unicyclist, on Long Island in 1986, tried to teach me to hang
    glide by running down a hill. I declined and then watched him crash it
    (no injury).
    - Pretty much any type of unicycle including world's smallest (11/16"
    wheel), largest at the time (63.5" wheel), walking machine, giraffe with
    pedals that go different speeds, half wheel, one and a half wheel, etc.,
    though I still kind of suck at the ultimate wheel...
    - Segway

    johnfoss - Walkin' on the edge

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  2. Rowan

    Rowan Guest

    -I have my full drivers license for driving cars.

    -I can operate a computer

    -I am certified to operate a Ramset (powder actuated fastening system)
    which is basicly an explosive powered nail gun.

    I can't think of anything else, but there must be more that I can do.

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  3. carl.roth

    carl.roth Guest

    - propane forklift truck
    - electric forklift truck
    - German Leopard 2 Tank
    - Canadian M113 APC (tracked armoured personnel carrier)
    - Canadian Grizzly AVGP (6 wheeled APC)
    - Canadian Military ILTIS jeep
    - Canadian Military 5/4 ton radio van
    - Canadian Military 1/4 ton jeep (Vietnam era)
    - Canadian Military 2 1/2 ton truck
    - Canadian Military Snowmobile (one front ski)
    - motorcycle (only once)

    (who retired from the Canadian Military after 20 years as a Signals

    carl.roth - Unicycling & Juggling Engineer
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  4. zod

    zod Guest

    Let's see, besides unicycles......

    I can operate a mountain bike in a North Shore type environment (drops,
    skinnies, teeters, etc.)

    I can operate a parachute and land unassisted, from my skydiving days

    I can operate a quad (4 wheeler)

    I can operate a large scale fork lift that has no brakes (don't ask)

    I can operate an 18-wheeler, but I've never had a CDL (don't ask)

    I can operate a 12 gauge shotgun!

    And I'm a master at building North Shore with little more than a
    chainsaw :D

    zod - Icey Hot Stunta(z)
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  5. tennisgh22

    tennisgh22 Guest

    tried flying a helicopter once...pretty close to impossible. my friend
    who is also 16 just got his drivers license and flying license the same
    week. he's pretty cool, but he doesn't unicycle, so he couldn't be
    -that- cool.... :) im trying to get him interested


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  6. One on one

    One on one Guest

    I am a former hang gliding pilot. I have flown in New Hampshire,
    Vermont, Cape Cod- MA. New York, and Florida USA. Longest distance
    flight that I had was at Mount Ascutney in Vermont. I launched, then
    thermaled up 1,000 feet over the top of the mountain, then flew down
    wind for 11 miles. Soared around there for awhile then landed.

    One on one
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  7. underdog

    underdog Guest

    I've flown fixed wing single engine and also sailplanes. No longer
    current though.

    I also do motorcycles a fair amount (20,000 mi./yr. Much more affordable
    than airplanes).

    Hey Johnfoss, I wanna try a Segway. Those look way cool. :cool:

    underdog - level 1 rider

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  8. johnfoss

    johnfoss Guest

    One on one wrote:
    > *I gave up hang gliding when I had children. Didn't want to risk not
    > being a father because of an accident while flying. *

    Sorry, but I had to picture you ramming into a tree with one leg on
    either side... :p

    johnfoss - Walkin' on the edge

    John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone
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  9. One on one

    One on one Guest

    johnfoss wrote:
    > *Sorry, but I had to picture you ramming into a tree with one leg on
    > either side... :p *

    Looking at it that way, I guess unicycling was a natural progression.

    One on one - Hooked on a fun fix!
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  10. johnfoss

    johnfoss Guest

    underdog wrote:
    > *Hey Johnfoss, I wanna try a Segway. Those look way cool. :cool: *

    It was very cool, the way it detects where you are and stays underneath
    you. The forward-backward part of driving it is almost completely
    intuative. Unfortunately the steering is a lot less intuitive, with a
    twist of the handle. Twist one way for right and the other for left.
    You're dangerous until you can turn without having to remember which is

    Jacquie and I tried them in Mission Beach, CA, just north of San Diego.
    It was a display/demo/ride there. Looks like they were out to sell
    rides, not Segways, but they probably had brochures. It was well worth
    the $5 for a few minutes' play, though they kept us in a very small
    roped off area.

    The other day we saw police or security on Segways at the Phoenix
    Airport. They had saddlebags on the sides, and the cops wore helmets but
    no other safety gear. It looked like a scene from some old science
    fiction movie to see them glide around, stop and "hover," then continue.

    johnfoss - Walkin' on the edge

    John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone
    "jfoss" at ""

    "if you can do balloon animals,you can lace your own wheel." -- Jagur
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  11. PopeSamXVI

    PopeSamXVI Guest

    I can operate any camping appilance you can find (Boy Scout for 8 years
    and counting)

    Scuba gear
    Snorkeling gear
    a plane (but no money for a license)

    I also have all the papers filled out to be a Justice of the Peace. I'll
    be able to marry people!

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  12. yoopers

    yoopers Guest

    About a year and a half ago, I was laid off from a management job and
    spent a unemployment year driving a school bus then a truck. The school
    bus was fun especially the special class trips to exotic places like the
    state capital and Navy Pier. Even better was driving the teams to
    athletic events. I love relating to kids and kids seem to like me.
    Maybe I missed my calling in life. Enough of this pansy-schmanzy
    working with adults, they're too sofisticated and boring. Kids are
    great! Of course, I'm the biggest kid of them all.


    yoopers - Bruce & Mary Edwards
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  13. evil-nick

    evil-nick Guest

    Any kind of car ;)
    Bicycle, boat, unicycle, single engine complex aircraft (not current,
    but could prolly land anything with wings no prob... been flying since
    before I was born ;)... it's the regulations I don't remember ;))

    I'm waiting for the Bombardier unicycle ;)

    evil-nick - One-Wheeled Psycho!

    They make them with two wheels now?
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  14. cyberbellum

    cyberbellum Guest

    I can operate a professional espresso machine!

    Blenders full of ice and organic chemicals, too! I've even driven the
    big porcelain bus a few times in college.

    Oh, right - vehicles...

    Powerboats and sailboats of all kinds. Bicycles and cars too, of

    Kayaks and canoes, including flatwater sprint kayaks, whitewater slalom
    kayaks, C1 and C2 slalom boats, and I used to be able to power a
    standard canoe by gunnlel-jumping.

    Skis. Alpine and X-country.

    A dogsled with 8 hyperactive mini-wolves.

    Skyship 600B blimp, once airborne. (I'm not qualified to takeoff or
    land one.)

    Griffon 2000TD Hovercraft.

    cyberbellum - Level 1.0 rider!

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    half empty. Engineers think the glass is too big.
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  15. One on one

    One on one Guest

    When I was around 7 years old, my aunt that worked at Goodyear Tires was
    able to arrange for me and 4 cousins a 1 hour ride on the Goodyear
    I obviously do not know how to fly one, but thought that I would tell
    about this cool experience. I can recall it like it was yesterday. Even
    though it was almost 40 years ago.

    One on one - Hooked on a fun fix!
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  16. zach_jucha

    zach_jucha Guest

    -i'm the operator of my pocket calculator-

    dude (jagur), i saw those guys in san francisco, how sweet is that!?

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  17. Until I was about 15, I was heavily in to flying. I have about 15 hours
    logged on small Cessna aircraft, including a few landings where the
    instructor never touched the controls. I let it drop because I wasn't
    passionate about it anymore, and because it was really expensive. I may
    start doing it again someday though, who knows.

    When I was hanging around the airport doing odd jobs in exchange for
    flight time, I made friends with a guy who eventually let me try flying
    his helicopter. Now that was an experience. Flying at speed high above
    the ground is pretty much like flying a small plane, but hovering is a
    completely different story. You have three independent controls that all
    interact with each other. When you change one, you have to react with
    the other two. And the whole system is so unstable you have to be
    constantly reacting to something. Very cool stuff.

    I mess around with bike trials, but I'm not very good.

    That's all I can think of for now.


    Ben Plotkin-Swing

    "Every truly great accomplishment is at first impossible" -Fortune
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  18. Ken Cline

    Ken Cline Guest

    The most interesting vehicle I've operated is a remote controlled
    helicopter. Learning to pilot it requires an intensity of
    concentration and coordination that I have never experienced elsewhere
    - you have to control four separate controls (yaw, pitch, roll,
    thrust) in realtime while compensating for the constantly changing
    orientation of the aircraft. Someday, I hope to be good enough to fly
    a helicopter while riding my unicycle.

  19. gasmaster

    gasmaster Guest

  20. jagur

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